We import the experience!

slc10-tag-action06-dust_SCP_9951For the first time for seven years one of the rounds of the Russian Rally Championship, “Slavic Cup-2010”, has been held an abroad, in Belorussian Republics. This round did not bring the points to Dmitry Tagirov and Anna Zavershinskaya but gave the confidence that they can go fast, just after the leaders of the Championship!


 For the first time since "the exit" round of the Russian Championship has been spent in Liepae (Latvia) (rally "Kurzeme"), the participants of the Russian series have met not in the Russian Federation. The crews from Belorussian Republics, Russia, Latvia, and Ukraine regularly come to the hill-skilled and smooth roads near Braslav but for the second time this event got the status of international competition under FIA.

Славянский Кубок 2010The majority of participants of "the Slavic Cup-2010» was from Russia. Almost all main applicants for awards in all classifications have arrived to Braslav. For Dmitry and Anna it was the third successively competition, they have just won the Cup round in Asbestos. But the Championship rounds have other tasks: to find their own speed and verify it with the strongest drivers level.

The reconnaissance showed that this route is not very simple. Something intermediate between Karelia and Baltic on the words of many drivers. Unexpected, artful changes of road surface are typical. Practically all participants were here for the first time. The reconnaissance passed without any problems for the crew but put many questions.

The rally has unexpectedly developed so that main work was under own skills because the crew of Dmitry and Anna has left the struggle already soon after start. On the first stage one of the road "traps" has worked, and three cars from first ten crews have appeared out of route in one turn! And Dmitry's Subaru too. To avoid the turn-over Dmitry directed the car «to fields» where the car stopped more than in one hundred meters from road. A bit later "Lancer" of the known driver and trainer Gennady Broslavsky has joined too and then the car of Sergey Uger who had the experience of start and win here. Sergey, unlike two fellow sufferers, tried to overcome the physics laws and turn, but as a result he has laid the car on the side.

The regulations of the Russian Championship give the chance to the sportsmen to participate next day in the competition according "super-rally" system. As the car of Dmitry and Anna was not practically damaged they decided to return. Having almost half-hour penalty they did not think about the points and were not under psychological pressure. Hence they could pass rather quietly to get the necessary experience. It seemed that the car flies over the road with the top speed but Dmitry has managed finding his own speed which was very enough encouraging. To reach the leaders - Patrik Flodin and Andrey Zhigunov – was difficult but Dmitry was regularly faster than other drivers. On four stages of the second day the crew finished third and on two stages they were second. It was the main experience of this Championship round. The struggle for points and awards in the Russian Championship is still ahead and it is very important to pick the experience in different roads especially as in Belarus where there were new and unknown route and unusual conditions.

The struggle for the victory in overall classification has developed very dramatically. By the end of the first day the leader was Andrey Zhiugnov but being only 0.4 seconds faster! On the second day during “spectator super stage” one tyre of his car was went of the rim and he spent almost 10 seconds and gave the chance to Patrik. Zhiugnov won two stages yet but could not catch up the rival. Patrik Flodin won this round being 9.2 seconds faster and got his 25 points in the season becoming second in the protocols of the Russian Championship.

Dmitry TAGIROV: “For us the performance of the first day was fast, but short … It was a inexactitude in driving. At first, maybe, easy hitch in reading and then mistake in driving. It was small mistake but with maximum speed. If you have a mistake on half-meter you already can not turn. It is work situation but there is definite speed and I can’t go more slowly! I can’t and that’s all… In the beginning of the rally it was courage and the great desire to go on the full. And while going with «a full gas» everything depends on nuances. The road is narrow, unpredictable, with a lot of roughnesses and crests. I went only with full gas and received enormous pleasure. In the second day we made already "examination" with less speed. But on our opinion at this reliable passage our results were quite worthy.

Generally in Belarus it was possible to look who and how goes in unusual conditions. Here there is not a habitual Russian route where almost all difficult places are already well named! It is possible to find the logic during the first day but on the second day the habitual logic of roads perception does not work. And the longest stage of “Slavic Cup” – it is real check for bravery! Each stage has a lot of places as a candidate to mistake. You should go and think, constantly think how not to go away the road, how to pass difficult bend, how to save tyres and not to burn rubber”.

Next round will be one of the classical rounds starting in the middle of June, “White nights”, which history has already more than 40 years. This year in Karelia the crew of Dmitry TAGIROV and Anna ZAVERSHINSKAYA started twice on snow-ice surface. On their opinion the Karelia’s stages were the most favorite among the winter season part. It is necessary «to adjust relations» with the ground variant of this route.