By the end of the day, “rally” means meeting

Д.Тагиров - А.Завершинская“Strugi Krasnye” rally is the next round of the Russian Rally Cup. Usually this event gathers quite a strong list of competitors, including some fast crews from the Baltic states. This year in the very final moment the crew of Dmitry Tagirov and Anna Zavershinskaya decided to take part in this rally, in spite of the fact that this start in the Pskov Region was not planned in their original program.

            That decision was possible to be done thanks to new-opened opportunities. After the recent round in Vyborg their Latvian-built Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX stayed completely undamaged and was ready for the new start. Even the reserved sets of tires remained. The 4-days only interval between two events also was of help, as there was no necessity to take the car through the boarder and customs to Latvia and back.

           Dmitry TAGIROV had already participated in “Strugi Krasnye” last year and his impressions about the event were very positive. The risk of damaging the car due to the roads’ condition is minimal here. The roads in Pskov Region are fast and flat, the surface is quite soft and friendly to the cars. So here the competition between the drivers is the competition of pure driving skills and braveness. When it was clear, that the event would gather a very good list of participants, the idea of joining this good company became more attractive. It was a chance to meet again all the main competitors for the National Cup, most of them would definitely participate in the final round soon. So it was a good idea not to lose such a chance of extra practice, when the car is completely ready to start.

          So there is 41 crew in the starting list and 19 of them are in the 4WD classes. Among them would be the white-silver-blue Lancer of Dmitry and Anna. The crew hopes that the rally in the Pskov Region would be not only an opportunity of an interesting sporting competition, but also a good weekend I a good company of interesting persons!DTag_Pskov_2009

             Dmitry TAGIROV, the driver: “I was here last year and I know, that there is a very low risk to damage a car due to the roads condition here. We did this rally “in one go”, were completely satisfied after the finish. The car didn’t get a single scratch, the tires were not worn out at all. I do remember this, so I had a wish to make this rally again. There are not too many rallies during the season that are so soft. We don’t make any special plans here, we just want to have a ride in a good company. I suppose that almost the same company would be on the final round, so “Strugi” is a sort of practice for us. It is a perfect chance to put on the racing suit and gloves and join a competition with good drivers. By the end of the day the word “rally” has a meaning of “meeting”, and I’m ready to join the atmosphere of such a good company!