A tradition of positive emotions

thumb_FFAN2099-900The crew of Dmitry TAGIROV and Anna ZAVERSHINSKAYA took the sixth victory in the rounds of Russian Rally Cup 2010. After winning the "Strugi Krasnye" rally in Pskov Region, their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX didn't got any damages, like a week ago in Vyborg. But this time the positive emotions from winning the event were added with a perfect, friendly atmosphere, that followed the event.



thumb_IMG_8275-900Dmitry was quite open-minded before the event: he didn’t make a secret from the fact that he was not setting any special sporting goals in Strugi Krasnye, that he was entering that event only to get the extra practice and make extra competitive kilometers in the good company of interesting rivals. The 2009 edition of that rally left only positive remembering to the Ekaterinburg driver, and that year event only strengthened that tradition. We could see a really interesting group of competitors in Pskov Region, and many of them would come, for sure, to the final round of the series that would take place in two weeks in Krasnodar Region. Now, when only few days are left before that deciding rally, every event, every meeting of the leading rivals could be called a rehearsal. But it is quite difficult to compare the route of “Strugi Krasnye” rally with most of the events in Russia. This is the most friendly route for the cars, and with less possible risk of damages due to the roads condition, the drivers get a chance to compete in pure speed and driving skills.

thumb_FFAN0062-900Dmitry regards, that that time the roads here were “a rallying ideal”. The organizers managed also to overcome the main problem of local special stages – the extremely high average speeds, that could easily become higher than it is normally recommended by FIA and RAF (National ASN). The artificially built chicanes – “the retarders” were installed in the fastest places, and that made the special stages fast enough, but still safe and technical. Immediately from the start the main competitors declared their intensions for the victory. Two crews, who are in first two positions in the National Cup now – Tagirov/Zavershinskaya and Travnikov/Samushia set an equal time on the opening 10-kilometer long SS “Knyazhitsy”. But only 0,1 second behind and also with an equal time there were two other drivers – Gennadiy Broslavsky from Moscow (who knows these roads well as his team usually uses that area for testing, and who managed to win this rally in the past) and European Autocross champion Vadim Makarov, who had chosen this rally for the first start outside of his home Ural Region in the National Cup of that year. At the second special stage Tagirov had set the fastest time, but the fight remains very close: all top 10 finishers are separated only with 15 seconds! Travnikov wins the third stage, but he is only 0,1 second faster than Tagirov here. But on the remaining three staged Dmitry and Anna took the initiative and didn’t lose any best time more. But the intrigue of the rally still remained until the finish line, as there was no chance to move ahead of the rivals in general classification more than for 10 seconds, and that didn’t give any chance even for a slight mistake. So on the finish line Dmitry and Anna managed to be 12 second faster than Travnikov with his permanent co-driver Samushia. Broslavsky (who was assisted by the experienced local co-driver Alexander Gorlanov) finished third, losing 50 seconds to Tagirov.

“Strugi Krasnye 2010” confirmed the reputation of “a rally of a pure pilotage”. The car got no damages and is ready for the new events. Dmitry and Anna had managed to hold that event in full compliance with the chosen strategy and that strategy gave them a victory. But the main point in their evaluation is the perfect mood! That positive emotions together with the appreciation to the organizers, who were really trying to take the sportsmen's wishes into account – that’s what in the crew’s impressions when they a leaving the land of the ancient city of Pskov. Why not the points? Because Dmitry and Anna had already get the maximum possible amount of points that could be collected before the final round of the series and cannot improve their positions more now.

thumb_A_Fomchenkov_IMG_3097-900Dmitry TAGIROV, the driver: “The rally met my expectations completely! There was a perfect friendly atmosphere, we were in a good company of interesting competitors  who didn’t leave us a chance for boredom during this weekend. Everybody, with whom I had spoken about that event were absolutely agree that rallies of that kind are a perfect possibility to keep your driving skills fit, to get extra competitive mileage. I can say that the result for us is also can be called the expected one. Yes, Stanislav was attacking very aggressively, but we managed to answer him. I would like to say special, separate words of thankfulness to the Clerk of the Course, Oleg Krylov and the Relations Officer, Alexey Krylov. I can say that it was the best example in all my rally career how the people do their work perfectly! The Relations Officer was always where he was really needed, we got all the necessary information, the staff seemed to understand us without the words. I would also like to thank our coach Janis Vorobjovs and his team. They had prepared the car perfectly, and we could be competitive on it with the top-spec, very powerful car of Travnikov. Janis gave us very useful recommendations during the rally. It is much more comfortable to drive, when you have such a coach nearby. I like such well-balanced events, where you have fast roads, but still need to use your driving skills. So I’m leaving the Pskov Region land for the second consecutive year in a perfect mood and with best impressions!