Предгорье Кавказа 2010The crew of Dmitry Tagirov and Anna Zavershinskaya managed to finish the 2010 Russian Rally Cup on a high note with a victory in the final round of that series, "The Caucasus Foothill Rally". So after they had a confident lead during a good half of the season, they won also the entire series for the first time in their mutual career as a single crew. Despite Dmitry and Anna had arrived to the final round with a good reserve of points and only the sixth place in the exact event could provide them a series' win, they managed to win all but one special stages of the rally, taking the overall victory in that rally!


             Предгорье Кавказа 2010The "Caucasus Foothill" rally had to set all the final details in a very tough competition of that season. The intrigue was alive until the deciding round in all the competing categories. The Russian Rally Cup became the most widespread national competition that year: over 180 crews from various parts of the country took part at one or more of it's rounds. And the best of them, who were the most realistic contenders for the victories in their categories – had gathered in the small town of Goryachiy Kljuch ("Hot Spring") in Krasnodar Region. The participation in series final is obligatory for those, who contend for the prize positions of the season. And for the final fight the tricky mountain gravel roads were selected, and it was really a good choice!

        Dmitry Tagirov and Anna Zavershinskaya were planning this event, keeping  caution in their minds. It was impossible for them to win more than they had already won in the preliminary part of the series. But, because their main competitors, Stanislav Travnikov and Konstantin Samushia – still were very close in the general classification, it was still possible to lose everything – in case of non-finish or finishing below the sixth overall position.

    Предгорье Кавказа 2010 The "Caucasus Foothill" rally had the two-days itinerary, that is not typical for the Cup's rounds, but quite usual for final season's event. The first two special stages were run in the evening, and for the second of them the crews had to depart already in the darkness, using the additional headlights. At the opening SS "Kalujskaya-1" Dmitry and Anna were 0,5 seconds slower that their main rivals, but on the second run the technical problems delayed Travnikov. Tagirov was faster for 5 seconds and slipped into the leading position. Not a single stage was lost by them since that moment. Despite all the crews were keen to have a good sportive fight until the finish line – these plans didn't came true, as Travnikov's Lancer continued to loose speed due to the transmission problems, and the driver from St.Petersburg had to park the car aside the road in the middle of the second day. So even being maximum cautious, Dmitry and Anna not only kept their leadership, but even increased it and finished 1m 44,9s faster than the runner-up Oleg Toporov from Krasnodar Region.


Предгорье Кавказа 2010


     So, having the eight outright wins and one third place finish during the Cup season, the crew of Dmitry Tagirov and Anna Zavershinskaya had won the National Rally Cup of Russia'2010!

    We'll talk with the crew more detailed later on, but just after the rally finish Dmitry and Anna would like to thank all the competitors for the interesting and tough competition during the entire season! The sportsmen congratulate all the winners of the Cups in their categories! The kindest thanks are also addressed to the people and teams, who supported the crew and provided the preparations of the cars: Latvian team of Janis Vorobjovs, Moscow URT and AKRT teams! All these nine podiums in 11 rallies of the Cup season the crew shares with them all!


Photos by: Lina Arnautova (