Without chance for mistake, but with some reserve

thumb_map_rally800There is another event in the competition program of Dmitry Tagirov and Anna Zavershinskaya, that was not originally planned by the crew to participate in – the “St.Petersburg” rally. But the fact, that the crew made the late decision to participate in the event that is separated by only one week from the final and deciding event of the National Cup – is not so unexpected, that one could imagine. The crew is now leading the series, and that rally is going to be a sort of “the final rehearsal” for the main fight of the season.



A tradition of positive emotions

thumb_FFAN2099-900The crew of Dmitry TAGIROV and Anna ZAVERSHINSKAYA took the sixth victory in the rounds of Russian Rally Cup 2010. After winning the "Strugi Krasnye" rally in Pskov Region, their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX didn't got any damages, like a week ago in Vyborg. But this time the positive emotions from winning the event were added with a perfect, friendly atmosphere, that followed the event.




By the end of the day, “rally” means meeting

Д.Тагиров - А.Завершинская“Strugi Krasnye” rally is the next round of the Russian Rally Cup. Usually this event gathers quite a strong list of competitors, including some fast crews from the Baltic states. This year in the very final moment the crew of Dmitry Tagirov and Anna Zavershinskaya decided to take part in this rally, in spite of the fact that this start in the Pskov Region was not planned in their original program.



 Выборг 2010 

The maiden participation in a difficult and tricky “Vyborg” rally brought Dmitry TAGIROV and Anna ZAVERSHINSKAYA a confident victory. Competing the experienced and fast crews, they managed to play their own game from the very beginning to the end, making everything in accordance with the planned strategy for the event. And the feeling that it was possible to do everything in accordance with the plans – satisfies Dmitry and Anna not less than the victory itself.


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