Ten to Block

2011 Rally Sweden RWRC#33 D.Tagirov-A.Zavershinskaya (RUS)Being honest, we had prepared that joke for Dmitry before the season had started – when he managed to get a beautiful #33 for the entire year. But the final decision to "apply" the joke came when his first ever section of a world rally Dmitry and Anna completed just 9.9 seconds slower than the American driver and charismatic showman. But Ken is fighting in the manufacturers' level, and that result of the Russian crew placed them fourth in PWRC. Is that a sensation or now we have the full opportunity to evaluate the real speed of Dmitry?


Congratulations with a real debut!


So the first ever in their racing careers start at the WRC events is happened for Dmitry Tagirov and Anna Zavershinskaya! Their first world level superspecial and the first victory though it was a tiny victory yet. Rally Sweden 2011 had its ceremonial start at 22:00 (Moscow time) on Thursday and the first stage – the superspecial in Karlstad is already completed.



Shakedown: Adventures included!

IMG_2019The Rally Sweden shakedown brought some new adventures for Dmitry and Anna. The first surprise came from... the weather that switched from pleasure for the crews at the recce days to something that could be named very closely to "rallists' hell"! But that was only the first surprise...


The Density of Difficulties


The reconnaissance with the route of the Rally Sweden left the mixed emotions for the crew. There were no problems for Dmitry and Anna during the recce, the crew had enough time to make the pacenotes and even enjoy the picturesque winter Swedish landscapes. But the sportsmen now are to decide – what strategy to choose for the rally itself.



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